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Joyce Oduah FICMC Extends Heartfelt Goodwill Message to NBA Ota Branch for End-of-Year Party and Annual General Meeting

Mr Chair Adegoke, Executives, the Planning Committee, and Esteemed Members of the NBA Ota Branch,

As we approach the culmination of another successful year, it is with great pleasure that I extend warm greetings to each and every one of you at your end-of-the-year party and Annual General Meeting.

I commend Mr Chairman, A.0. Adegoke, Exco and the Planning Committee for their unwavering commitment and dedication in organising what promises to be an unforgettable end-of-year party for the NBA Ota Branch. Your hard work and meticulous planning have undoubtedly laid the groundwork for a joyous and memorable evening.

To the Chairperson and Excos, I would like to take this opportunity to commend your exemplary leadership throughout the year. Your efforts have fostered a sense of unity and progress within the branch, which has been instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving success.

This end-of-year party is more than just a social gathering; it is a well-deserved opportunity for each member to let down their hair, relax, and revel in the year’s accomplishments. It is a time to forge stronger bonds, share laughter, and build memories that will linger long after the festivities have concluded. As we gather to celebrate the successes and milestones of the past year, let us also reflect on the camaraderie that binds us together as members of the esteemed Nigerian Bar Association.

May this event be filled with joy, warmth, and amity that transcends the professional realm. Let us take this moment to express gratitude for the collective efforts that have shaped the NBA Ota Branch into the thriving and dynamic community it is today.

I extend best wishes for a delightful and enriching evening. I also wish you successful deliberation in your AGM.

May the spirit of unity and celebration prevail, and may the coming year bring even greater success and fulfilment to every member of the NBA Ota Branch.

Joyce Oduah FICMC