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On Thursday, May 24, 2025, Honorable (Baamofin) Adetunji Akinyemi undertook a significant and respectful visit to the esteemed palaces of the Agege Kingdom’s royal fathers. His first visit was to the palace of His Royal Highness, the Olu of Agege, Kamilu Isiba, followed by an audience with His Royal Highness, Oba Ambali Agbedeyi.

The royal fathers warmly received Hon. Akinyemi, expressing their pleasure at his visit. The discussions held were deeply rooted in the shared commitment to the welfare of the Agege Kingdom’s indigenes. Hon. Akinyemi articulated his belief that true progress for the Agege community can only be achieved through leadership that is inherently connected to its people. He emphasized that a leader who is a native of Agege is best positioned to understand and address the unique challenges faced by the community, offering effective and sustainable solutions.

Throughout the meeting, the royal fathers were united in their support and counsel. They offered their blessings to Hon. Akinyemi and commended his ongoing efforts to support the community. Their advice was clear and resonant: to continue his steadfast advocacy for justice and equity for the Agege indigenes. They highlighted the critical importance of ensuring that the dividends of democracy are fully realized at the grassroots level, particularly if Hon. Akinyemi were to be elected to public office.

The royal fathers’ endorsement was not merely a ceremonial gesture; it was a profound acknowledgment of Hon. Akinyemi’s dedication and service to the Agege Kingdom. Their unified voice underscored the importance of his mission and the potential impact of his leadership.

Hon. Akinyemi, in turn, expressed his deep gratitude for the royal blessings and guidance. He reaffirmed his commitment to the principles of good governance, community support, and justice. He pledged to continue his work with renewed vigor, inspired by the royal fathers’ wisdom and the community’s needs.

This visit marks a pivotal moment in Hon. Akinyemi’s ongoing efforts to serve the Agege Kingdom. It reflects his deep connection to his roots and his unwavering resolve to uplift and empower his community through dedicated public service.

Hon. (Baamofin) Adetunji Akinyemi, MHRIR