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Hawkeye Protective Services Unveils New Uniforms for Ikoyi Club 1938 Team in Commitment to Enhanced Service Delivery

Hawkeye Security Services, a leading provider of security solutions in Nigeria, has unveiled its new uniforms for the Ikoyi Club 1938 security team. This initiative is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance service delivery, ensuring the safety of lives and property while maintaining the proper organization of clients’ locations.

The new uniforms were unveiled in a formal ceremony held at Ikoyi Club 1938 by the Chairman of the Club Mr. Tafa Aliyu-Zibiri and attended by club members, security personnel, and representatives from Hawkeye Protective Services. The redesigned uniforms feature a sleek, modern look with advanced materials designed for durability and comfort, reflecting the company’s commitment to professionalism and excellence. They will be used from the 1st of June,2024.

The Chairman of Hawkeye Protective Services, Otunba (Dr.) Peter Obafemi stated, “Our rebranded uniforms are more than just a change in attire; they symbolize our dedication to providing superior security services. By enhancing the visibility and approachability of our security personnel, we aim to foster a safer and more organized environment for our clients. The Ikoyi Club 1938 has been a valued partner for many years, and we are proud to continue our service with this new look.”

Ikoyi Club 1938, one of Africa’s most prestigious recreational clubs, has relied on Hawkeye Protective Services for its security needs for several years. The rebranded uniforms are expected to further strengthen this long-standing relationship by enhancing the club’s security presence and ensuring members and guests feel safe and secure.

Hawkeye Protective Services has built a reputation for excellence, serving several iconic institutions and individuals with a comprehensive range of security services. The rebranding of the uniforms is part of a broader strategy to continuously improve service standards and adapt to the evolving needs of clients.

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