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Dr. Mobolaji Ojibara Approved to Run for NBA General Secretary: A Testament to Leadership and Integrity

Dr. Mobolaji Ojibara, a distinguished legal practitioner and former chairman of the NBA Ilorin Branch, has been granted clearance to compete for the prestigious position of General Secretary in the forthcoming 2024 Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) election. Ojibara’s illustrious career and unwavering commitment to the legal profession have positioned him as a respected figure within the legal profession.

During his tenure as chairman of the NBA Ilorin Branch, Ojibara distinguished himself through his exemplary leadership, characterized by integrity, diligence, and a deep sense of duty. His steadfast dedication to upholding the values of the legal profession and serving the interests of his constituents garnered widespread acclaim and recognition from peers and stakeholders alike.

As he embarks on his candidacy for NBA General Secretary, Ojibara brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record of transformative leadership. His vision for the NBA is rooted in inclusivity, transparency, and innovation, aiming to propel the association forward and address the evolving needs of its members. With Ojibara’s candidacy, the legal profession can anticipate a renewed commitment to excellence and integrity, ensuring the NBA remains a beacon of professionalism and advocacy under his stewardship.