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Dr. Mobolaji Ojibara Applauds FIDA Kaduna’s Launch of ‘Voice for Women and Children’ Magazine Advocating for Rights and Protection

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Mrs Aisha Mohammed, Chairperson, and the entire team at FIDA Kaduna Branch for the remarkable achievement in the launch of the Fida Kaduna magazine, ” Voice for Women and Children.” This endeavor not only showcases dedication but also signifies a significant step towards advocating for the rights and protection of women and children in Kaduna.

The inclusion of the simplified English and Hausa versions of the “Child Welfare and Protection Law 2018” and the “Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law 2018 (VAPP Law)” is particularly commendable. By providing accessible and understandable versions of these crucial legislations, FIDA Kaduna Branch has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring that legal protections are comprehensible and accessible to all, regardless of language or literacy barriers. This initiative has the potential to greatly empower individuals and communities by equipping them with the knowledge and understanding needed to advocate for their rights and effectively address issues related to gender-based violence and child welfare.

Once again, congratulations on this significant achievement, and may this magazine serve as a powerful tool in the ongoing fight for gender equality and the protection of vulnerable populations in Kaduna and beyond.

Dr. Mobolaji Ojibara
NBA Ilorin
2013 – 2015