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Dr. Mobolaji Ojibara Advocates for Children’s Rights on International Children’s Day

Dr. Mobolaji Ojibara marks International Children’s Day with an inspiring message celebrating the vibrant spirit and potential of Nigerian children. He emphasized the importance of providing quality education, healthcare, and opportunities for every child. Addressing the unique challenges faced by Nigeria, Dr. Ojibara called for collective efforts to combat poverty and inequality, urging everyone to create a nurturing environment where children can thrive. He appealed for policies that prioritize children’s welfare and encouraged all citizens to support and uplift the nation’s future leaders.

Read Dr. Ojibara’s message below:

International Children’s Day Celebration

On this joyous occasion of International Children’s Day, we celebrate the vibrant spirit, resilience, and potential of every child in Nigeria. This day is not just a celebration but a constant reminder of our shared duty to create a nurturing and supportive environment where every child can thrive.

Our children are the bedrock of our nation’s future. Their dreams and aspirations, if properly guided and supported, can transform Nigeria into a beacon of hope and progress. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that they have access to quality education, healthcare, and opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential.

In Nigeria, we face unique challenges, but we also possess immense potential. By investing in our children, we invest in the future of our nation. We must work tirelessly to eliminate barriers such as poverty, inequality, and lack of access to basic services that hinder their growth and development.

As we celebrate our children today, let us also reflect on our roles as parents, educators, leaders, and citizens in building a society that values and protects its children. Let us advocate for policies that prioritize children’s rights and welfare, and actively participate in creating safe and inclusive communities for them.

Together, we can ensure that every Nigerian child enjoys the rights to education, health, and a happy childhood. Let us pledge to support and uplift them, ensuring that their voices are heard and their dreams are realized.

Happy International Children’s Day!

With hope and determination,

Dr. Mobolaji Ojibara