Legal Nigeria

Democracy Day 2024: Moment to Reflect on the Values of Freedom, Justice and the Rule of Law.

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

As we come together to celebrate Democracy Day 2024, let us bear in mind that it is a moment to reflect on the values of freedom, justice and the rule of law that underpin our great nation, which are the bedrock upon which any society is built, and as members of the legal profession, we play a crucial role in upholding these principles.

In the spirit of democracy, as we also approach a significant event within our profession, the NBA Election, let us also bear in kind that this is not merely a procedural formality but a profound exercise of our democratic rights and responsibilities. It is an opportunity for us to elect leaders who will steer our great association towards greater heights.

As we prepare for the election, let us be guided by the virtues which Democracy Day symbolizes, fairness, transparency, and integrity. It is imperative that we participate actively and responsibly in the electoral process, ensuring that our choices are informed by a commitment to the common good and the advancement of our profession.

Let us honour Democracy Day by reaffirming our dedication to the rule of law and our commitment to a transparent and just electoral process. May this Democracy Day inspire us to continue our work with renewed vigour and a steadfast belief in the power of democracy to transform our society for the better.

Happy Democracy Day and may the upcoming NBA Election be a testament to our unity, professionalism, and democratic values.

Warm regards,

Dr. Mobolaji Ojibara
Candidate for the office of
General Secretary
Nigerian Bar Association