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Chukwuemeka Mbamala Extends Warm Congratulations to the Newly Elected NBA Barnawa Branch Chairman

May I humbly congratulate the newly elected Chairman of NBA Barnawa Branch, Bukola Ajao, Esq., FCIMC, who has distinguished herself as the first female Chairman of the Model Bar, along with all the newly elected members.

I extend my heartfelt felicitations to V.A.B. Ewuzie, Esq. Chairman of the Barnawa Branch, and the entire NBA Barnawa Branch on the commendable and tranquil conduct of the branch election.

I also wish to commend the Chairman of the Electoral Committee of NBA Barnawa Branch 2024 and its members for their meticulous coordination and seamless execution of the electoral process.

Warm regards,

Chukwuemeka Mbamala, Esq. Candidate for National Treasurer NBA