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Charles Ajiboye Pays Birthday Tribute to Akorede Habeeb Lawal: A Salute to an Exceptional Man of Integrity and Dedication in the NBA

Akorede Habeeb Lawal is a Great Man.

Those who can’t love themselves cannot love others and those who are not secure in themselves cannot allow others to shine around them.

Habeeb is an example of a man who not only loves himself but is very secure in his skin. A true friend turned brother. One of the easiest people to love and work with.

I’m not a regular in praise singing or flattery. But today, I’m moved to share some good words about someone who truly deserves to know how much he is appreciated.

Habeeb, this is to thank you specially for your many sacrifices to the bar and to our friendship.

I already have the privilege of walking in your shoes as National Assistant Publicity Secretary of the NBA and I can’t over emphasize how you have made it worthwhile so far. Now that I plan to step into your shoes as National Publicity Secretary of the NBA, God willing; I look forward to consolidating and building on all the great things we have thought about and done for the bar.

Your dedication and hard work is topnotch and the premium you place on integrity is commendable. You have a heart of gold and having worked and walked with you for years now, I can boldly say to the world that HABEEB IS A GREAT MAN.

Happy birthday Brother!

Charles Ajiboye,Esq.
National Assistant Publicity Secretary,NBA