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Charles Ajiboye: How to make your law firm visible and profitable (2)

Be Professional

Becoming visible and profitable is great work, but remaining so is more difficult. The more visible your practice is the more evident your flaws and unprofessionalism is. Stop acting like a street hawker and expect to be remunerated like a global professional. Don’t be deceived ‘there are lawyers, and there are lawyers’. Which are you.

I will list out progressive steps i need to take to make my practice run professionally and set timelines.

Charles Ajiboye,Esq. is a multitalented lawyer, a profound speaker and writer. He is National Assistant Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association and Executive Partner of The Penthouse Solicitors.

He was recently cleared by the ECNBA to contest for the office of National Publicity Secretary of the NBA in the July 20, 2024 elections.

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