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Book Alert: “The Law of Census in Nigeria” by Dr. Adekunle Ojo, SAN

Preface Overview: Dr. Adekunle Ojo, SAN, in his groundbreaking book, “The Law of Census in Nigeria,” provides a comprehensive exploration of the legal frameworks governing population and housing census in Nigeria. Drawing from his experience serving on census tribunals, Dr. Ojo recognized a critical gap in the availability of comprehensive literature on census law in Nigeria. This pioneering work aims to fill that void, offering invaluable insights for legal practitioners, policymakers, scholars, and anyone interested in understanding the legal intricacies of census operations in Nigeria.

???? Book Highlights:

  1. Development of Census Law: Trace the historical evolution and legal development of census law in Nigeria, with comparative insights into international practices.
  2. Regulatory Framework: Delve into the establishment, functions, and powers of the National Population Commission, dissecting the systemic issues and regulatory architecture governing census operations.
  3. Legal Elements and Methodologies: Explore the methodologies and legal processes involved in population census, including discussions on data collection, processing, and census offences.
  4. Census Disputes: Examine the procedures and jurisdiction of census tribunals, along with the applicable civil and procedural rules in handling pre and post-census litigations.
  5. Evidence in Census Tribunals: Understand the rules governing the relevance and admissibility of evidence, including discussions on expert opinion evidence and judicial notice.
  6. Determinations and Orders: Analyze the nature of determinations and orders made by census tribunals, including the types of judgments and final orders issued.
  7. Future of Census Law: Consider the implications of inaccurate census data on developmental changes and propose reforms for ensuring sustainable development through effective census laws.

Get Your Copy Today: Dr. Adekunle Ojo’s “The Law of Census in Nigeria” is an indispensable resource for navigating the complex legal terrain of census operations in Nigeria. Available now, this great work promises to enlighten and empower readers with a deep understanding of census law and its significance to national development.

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