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Baseless Allegations: Charles Ajiboye, Candidate for the Office of Publicity Secretary, NBA, Responds to Petition from His Two Opponents

Charles Ajiboye, the incumbent National Assistant Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, has responded to allegations levied by his opponents in the race for the office of Publicity Secretary. Ajiboye, known for his dedication and integrity within the legal profession, has firmly refuted claims made by Ferdinand Naza, Esq., and Bridget Edokwe, Esq., describing their petitions as petty and baseless.

Ajiboye’s rebuttal, dated June 21, 2024, and addressed to the ECNBA, calls into question the motivation behind his opponents’ allegations. He emphasized that both petitions were misleading and devoid of any fact or evidence whatsoever.

In response to Naza’s petition, Ajiboye noted the lack of any documentary support for the allegations made, rendering a detailed rebuttal unnecessary.

Edokwe’s petition, according to Ajiboye, was a distortion of facts. He categorically denied the accusations, asserting that he has never used NBA’s official platforms to promote his candidacy, harvested data of young lawyers, or enjoyed any undue advantage to influence the election.

In his response, he highlighted that the actions complained of are perfectly in line with his constitutional duties.

He stated that the current Publicity Team has deployed an efficient email system which automatically includes the sender’s picture and name to foster a personal connection with members of the NBA, and the same was not exclusive to him.

Ajiboye further clarified that he does not have direct access to members’ data or the NBA’s Twitter handle, underscoring the structured processes the incumbent Publicity Team has put in place to prevent misuse of data. He provided evidence that his official communications contained no campaigning elements, focusing solely on NBA activities and updates.

“It is strange and laughable that I can be persecuted for promoting the activities of NBA fora, sections, and committees by people who want to be Publicity Secretary.”

Ajiboye’s role as the National Assistant Publicity Secretary and his additional responsibilities as the Alternate Chairman of the Media & Publicity Subcommittee for the 2024 Annual General Conference have placed him at the forefront of the NBA’s public relations, a situation which sends deep fear and jitters through the spines of his opponents. His exceptional performance and groundbreaking initiatives may be the reason that his opponents have ganged up against him.

“It is impossible for me to become inefficient simply because it scares anyone. I’m committed to Nigerian lawyers and I will perform in accordance to the oath of office I took to my last day in office” Charles said.

Lawyers are smart. As the NBA election approaches, Ajiboye remains committed to his vision for the association, confident that his record of impeccable service will speak for itself amidst the unfounded accusations and petty gang-up by his opponents.