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Bartholomew Aguegbodo Urges NBA Members to Verify Voter Details for Transparent Elections

Bartholomew Aguegbodo, Chairman Emeritus of the Ikeja Branch, calls on all Nigerian Bar Association members to verify their details in the Voters’ Database following the release of ECNBA Notice 8. This crucial verification process aims to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the upcoming election.

Read the message below:

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,
The Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) has published ECNBA Notice 8 on its website, urging all members to verify their personal details and data on the Voters’ Database.
This verification process is critical for guaranteeing the accuracy and integrity of our voter database, in order to facilitate a smooth and transparent election. Participating in this verification will help maintain the credibility of our electoral process.
Don’t ignore this as a lawyer recently checked hers but couldn’t find her details.
To verify your details on the Voters’ List, kindly click on the link below and follow the prompts to verify and update your information where necessary. Please go to
You may also visit and click on “Voters List.”

Thank you.

Bartholomew Aguegbodo
(Chairman Emeritus, Ikeja Branch)