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Bartholomew Aguegbodo Cleared to Contest for First Vice President Position in NBA 2024 Election

Bartholomew Aguegbodo, the former chairman of the NBA Ikeja Branch, has received clearance to vie for the position of First Vice President in the upcoming Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) election. As the immediate past chairman of the NBA Ikeja Branch, Aguegbodo’s tenure was marked by notable achievements and commendable milestones, earning him recognition as a capable leader within the legal fraternity.

During his tenure as NBA Ikeja Chairman, Aguegbodo demonstrated a steadfast commitment to advancing the interests of legal practitioners and upholding the values of the association. His leadership was characterized by initiatives aimed at promoting professional development, fostering unity among members, and enhancing the delivery of legal services within the Ikeja jurisdiction.

With his track record of accomplishments and proven leadership abilities, Bartholomew Aguegbodo’s candidacy for the position of First Vice President adds depth and experience to the pool of candidates vying for leadership roles within the Nigerian Bar Association.

As the election draws near, many eagerly await the opportunity to cast their votes, knowing that Aguegbodo’s leadership could herald a new era of unity and progress within the NBA.