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Ayodeji O. Olabiwonnu Emerges Victorious as Secretary of NBA Ikeja Branch

In the election held on 28th of June, 2024, for the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Ikeja Branch, Ayodeji O. Olabiwonnu, Esq. (LL.M, FIMC, CMC), emerged victorious amidst spirited yet peaceful competition, securing the position of Secretary. His election stands as a testament to the confidence and trust bestowed upon him by his esteemed colleagues and senior advocates within the association.

In his acceptance speech, Olabiwonnu expressed his profound gratitude and commitment to serving the association with dedication and integrity. “I am truly honored and deeply grateful for the trust you have placed in me by electing me as your Secretary. Your confidence in my abilities inspires me to serve you with more dedication and commitment,” he stated.

Throughout the campaign, Olabiwonnu became acutely aware of the concerns and issues that members have with their Secretariat. He assured the members that their voices have been heard and that he is now better positioned to address these issues effectively. “The concerns are clearer, and the changes you desire to see in your Secretariat are now very well articulated. This has made my value propositions more robust, and I am better positioned to now deliver on the mandate,” he added.

Olabiwonnu also extended his sincere gratitude to his co-contender, Chioma Ohaekelem, Esq., for her prudence and sportsmanship throughout the election process. He revealed that he had reached out to her post-election, and she had graciously congratulated him. He invited her to collaborate and exchange ideas, an offer she accepted. “I am hopeful that we would work together for the ultimate benefit of the Branch,” he remarked.

Looking ahead to his official takeover in December 2024, Olabiwonnu called upon his colleagues for their continued prayers, support, suggestions, and ideas to better serve the association. “Together, we take our Branch to the next level while religiously upholding the values that bind us together,” he affirmed.

The NBA Ikeja Branch anticipates a period of positive change and development under Olabiwonnu’s leadership, as he aims to uphold the association’s values and enhance its operations.

The newly elected Secretary concluded his address by expressing his heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to serve, reaffirming his dedication to the role.