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Adeniyi Quadri, Esq Advocates Bold Actions for Gender Equality in FIDA Ikeja’s Law Week Address

On the 6th of December, 2023, Adeniyi Quadri as guest speaker delivered an impactful address at FIDA Nigeria Ikeja Branch’s inaugural law week, addressing the hurdles hindering women’s involvement in African politics. He emphasized the importance of statutory interventions, quotas, and breaking down cultural barriers. Quadri’s impactful speech signifies a crucial advancement in promoting gender equality and political empowerment in Africa.

The event, centred around the theme The Rights of Women in Nigeria – Full Participation of Women as Equal Partners in Africa’s Development,” initiated a compelling dialogue on crucial issues.

Highlighting the topic ”Full participation of women in politics as equal partners in Africa’s development,” Quadri shed light on substantial challenges impeding women’s involvement in African politics. Despite the recognised social benefits linked to women’s participation, such as reduced inequality and a prioritisation of social issues, statistics reveal a significant gender gap. Africa, including Nigeria, faces a noticeable shortage of women in parliamentary, elective, and appointive positions. The obstacles are multifaceted, encompassing deeply entrenched patriarchy, financial constraints, political violence, and cultural biases hindering women’s political engagement.

Quadri’s recommendations include advocating for statutory interventions, implementing quota systems, promoting appointments into political positions, addressing religious barriers, and ensuring unimpeded access to election-related documents. Stressing that achieving women’s full participation is pivotal for comprehensive and sustainable development in Africa.

Anticipating future collaborations and partnerships with these commendable associations, Quadri expressed a collective goal to surpass the affirmative action percentage prescribed by the Beijing Conference in 1995 and the Nigerian National Gender Policy Framework. Through bold and decisive actions, he envisioned paving the way for a truly equitable and progressive society, ensuring that every voice contributes to comprehensive and sustainable development across the continent.

In his concluding remarks, Adeniyi Quadri called on men of goodwill to lend their voices, energy, and unwavering support through sustained efforts and collective commitment.