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Adeleke promises export-oriented economy, cargo airport

Ademola Adeleke 2

Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has disclosed plans by his administration to diversify the state’s economy from its present reliance on salary of civil servants to a modern agro-industrial based and creative industry focused economy.

This, the governor said, would be done through the provision of a functioning cargo/commercial airport with the target to grow Osun as an export-oriented economy, as well as a global tourist destination, being the host of important Yoruba cultural assets.

Adeleke, who unveiled the plans in his statewide New Year broadcast on Monday, recalled the successes of his administration, noting that it had successfully blocked leakages in public finance, addressed the corruption and revenue diversion in the solid mineral sector and restored local government administration for grassroots development.

According to him, in the outgone year, the government also embarked on mass water project provision, executed 91 kilometres of road construction, and implemented free medical surgeries with over 50,000 beneficiaries, among others.

On his plans for 2024, the governor said his “dream is for an Osun economy that gradually moves away from its civil service status to a modern agro-industrial based, creative industry focussed economy,” stressing that such, “diversification with a functioning cargo/commercial airport will grow Osun as an export-oriented economy as well as a global tourist destination, being the host of important Yoruba cultural assets.”

“We are implementing an ambitious state agenda which targets infrastructure upgrade, diversifying the state economic base and deepening the revenue structure of the state.

“For the infrastructure upgrade, we are convinced that the state economy cannot attract required investments to realise its industrial potential unless the problem of infrastructure deficit is addressed. Hence, we have started the implementation of the multi-billion naira infrastructure plan that I launched a few months ago.

“For economic diversification, we are growing the creative industry; we are opening up the industrial sector; we are attracting investors in key sectors; and we are re-skilling our youth through the soon-to-be-unveiled Imole Youth Corps. To deepen the revenue base, we are tapping into the solid mineral sector; we are reforming the tax sector to eliminate multiple taxation while widening the tax base.”

Source; The Punch